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Licensing Information

Requirements for Marriage in South Carolina

To be legally married in South Carolina you must first obtain a South Carolina
Marriage License.  This is your responsibility. Once the license is issued your
ceremony may be held anywhere in the state.  While most couples obtain their
marriage license when they arrive at the beach, you may actually apply for
your marriage license through any South Carolina county.  South Carolina
Marriage licenses are legal to use anywhere in the state.   


Obtaining your South Carolina Marriage License

While each county may impose certain requirements the basic process for
obtaining your marriage license is:
1. File a Marriage License Application at the Probate Court office
2. Provide proper Identification

(Check with the specific county for identification requirements.)
3. Pay the Appropriate License Fee
4. Observe a 24-hour Waiting Period
5. Pick up your Marriage License from the Probate office


Note:  Couples are required to observe a 24-hour waiting period prior to their
license being issued.  This simply means from the time your application is filed
it will be 24 hours before the court will issue your marriage license.  Also keep
in mind that Probate offices are only open M-F during normal business hours.

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